The Master of the Home

June 22, 2022
Series: Welcome home
Book: Isaiah 55


We frequently associate homes with the people who own them. When we understand the owner of the home we understand the nature of the home or infer the experience we might have in that home.

The truly rich, fulfilling Christian experience comes from the understanding of the person in whose home we have come. I really believe a clear vision of God liberates is. In our context, God has just promised redemption and a good life to the exiles in Israel. The promise is too good to be true, given their circumstances. They might question the possibility or reality of the promises of Isaiah 55. In fact, God rebukes the faithless and asks them to forsake their ways and return to the Lord while He may be found.

God identifies three factors that set Him apart from other people who make empty promises.

  1. The Wonder of His Thoughts

God states that His thoughts are not our thoughts. He clearly wants people to differentiate what they think from what they think.

Human thoughts are marred by sin and inadequacy. We only think evil thoughts all the time. When we want to do good we still have that inner voice telling us some evil. God is free from such evil.

Sometimes we want to think highly but we are limited as to how far we can think. God on the other hand is not limited. His thoughts are as great as His power.

So we should be encouraged when we read

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.” Jer. 29:11

2. The Wonder of His Ways

The prophet reminds us in the same section that His ways are not Our ways. In other words the way He does things is very different from the way people do their things. His actions are not within our prediction. He has a higher way of acting than we can ever imagine. In fact as the heavens is higher than the earth so are the ways of God from our ways. His actions go beyond our expectations or imagination.

Our ways are limited by the possibilities available to us. God’s possibilities are endless therefore He is not limited. His ways are enormous, wonderful and incredible.

3. The wonder of His Word

The prophet begins with the analogy of rain/snow and earth. His intention is to show that just as rain comes down to bring life, so is the word of God. Notice that the earth is useless without rain. Life is in the rain. A key application point here is that without the word of God the best of us is useless. It is the word of God that gives life to a hopeless situation. There are things that are characteristic of the word from this passage.

  • It will go forth
  • It will not go back
  • It will accomplish