The Lord will fight for Us

  • summary of the conquest of the land

Lesson 1. The Lord does not waste our mistakes. If we are faithful He will use our mistakes to our advantage.

  • Achan’s sin brought a false sense of ability to the Canaanites. They underestimated Joshua and they were defeated.
  • Gibeonites deception caused kings to form alliances and thus it was easy to defeat them.

Lesson Two- faith and courage win the war. We must believe in God as our Lord and in His good plan for us if we are to succeed

. Doubts and fear cause us to lose ground.

Lesson 3. Obedience and Strategy will bring us victory.

  • Through Joshua’s campaign, he won because He obeyed. His army was small so he only followed God’s instructions.
  • He always attacked by surprise. This always gave him the upper hand. He forced the enemy to react to his attack and he always won.

Lesson 4 – Patience and Endurance bring Success

  • Joshua’s campaign lasted a long time. It was about 7 years long. But he kept at it. Never giving up but going strong each day.
  • Joshua was an old man almost 80 years old but he endured the rigours of war to inherit the promised land.
  • The campaign was so demanding but the Israelites faithfully kept going.