The Legacy of the Godly

June 22, 2022
  • Today we will focus on a man named Caleb the son of Jephuneh of the tribe of Judah. He paints for us the glorious tribute of the people of faith.
  1. Caleb stood his ground of faith. Numbers 13
  • Ten spies were sent out by Moses to explore the land. 10 of them brought a negative report about the land. They even incited a rebellion among the people.
  • Joshua and Caleb stood their ground and almost lost their lives through stoning.
  • Caleb was a man of courage throughout his life. We see him now at 85 asking that he be given the land of the Anakites.
  • How is your stand when others are running out of cowardice and ungodly influence?

2. Caleb Was an inspiring Leader

  • Caleb was the leader of the tribe of Judah.
  • Right from Numbers 13, we see Caleb asking that the people should not be discouraged but should go up and conquer the land.
  • Even in Joshua 14:16, he inspires others to join in his campaign of defeating the Anakites. He even promises his daughter to whoever conquered part of the land.
  • His encouragement is caught by Othniel who not only conquers the land but also goes on to become the first judge of Israel. Judges 3:7-11.
  • How much impact do you have upon others?

3. Caleb Followed God Wholeheartedly

  • God testified about this in Numbers 32:12. Moses testifies about it in Deuteronomy 1:36. Caleb himself committed to following the Lord wholeheartedly Joshua 14:8-9.
  • The secret of Caleb’s exemplary life lay in his commitment to following God completely no matter what happens.
  • What can be said about you?