People of God

May 7, 2022
Topic: People of God


God has always worked with a group of people called the people of God. This could be a family, a tribe or a group of people called out from the great multitude. Today we will ask ourselves the question what makes a group to be a people of God? What makes each of our part of the people of God?

  1. God’s Vision v 11-12
  • Joshua casts the vision of what God has asked the people to do. It is important to note that Joshua was not the original vision bearer but now he possesses the vision and moves with it.
  • Through all rebellions and hardships, Joshua keeps the vision.
  • He does not modify the vision just because Moses is dead or because of the mighty Jordan facing them.
  • He reminds the people that they were called to inherit the land of promise and to become a special people of God.
  • We must always remember the vision of where we are called. We must keep the vision despite our numerous challenges. We must focus on our goals in life. We must always remember our unique identity is that we are children of God; the people of God.

2. God’s Voice v 13- 15

  • Joshua then reminds the people of the words that Moses had spoken to them as the word of God.
  • This word brings them together to achieve their goals.
  • This word gives them instructions on what to do so as to achieve the vision.
  • Our guide through this life is the word of God we must always keep the focus on what the word says. Even when times are tough let’s be guided by the word.
  • Notice that the word is not modified just because Moses is dead. Joshua takes time to remind them of what Moses said.

3. God Choice 16-18

  • The people responded to Joshua with a unanimous voice that they will obey him.
  • This is a choice they are making to side with God.
  • Notice they also tell Joshua that as long as he is God’s representative among them they will obey him.
  • They also put a stiff penalty for disobedience. Knowing too well that there are those who will try to rebel.
  • Being part of God’s people means obedience and working together towards the goal. By binding yourself to this call you also accept stiff punishment should you rebel. We should be very careful about being part of God’s family.