Living with our Choices

June 22, 2022
  1. Not playing fair
  • Canaanite armies come against Gibeah. Five kings make an alliance to fight against the Gibeonites.
  • Gibeah in itself is not a small defenseless kingdom. We are told it’s bigger than Ai and with a good army.
  • Joshua is called upon to deliver. Certainly, Gibeah could have put up a decent fight first, but they now had an ally who could take their troubles.
  • There is no record that the people of Gibeah got involved in the war. Joshua has to fight their battles for them.
  • Notice that Joshua travels a whole night and never gets any rest. He comes to a battle in the morning.
  • If tables turned Gibeah would not help Israel
  • It’s important that when we make unholy unions we will be fighting battles for other people and we will be constantly misused.

2. Live with our Choices.

  • Joshua could have looked the other way and disregarded the call to help.
  • He however considered that he made his oath in God’s name so he had to honour it.
  • God encourages Joshua to help
  • He expects Joshua to be faithful to his oath.
  • Even if we make unwise choices God expects us to live by our oath. We cannot go back on our word otherwise two wrongs do not make a right.

3. God Remains Faithful

  • God encourages the Israelites. He makes it known that he has given victory to
  • God empowers the Israelites
  • God fights for Israel