He Who Calls is Faithful and He Will Do It!


From Joshua 13-21 the Bible details the subdivision of the land to the tribes of Israel. We see through this division struggle with human failures and delays. But the final section here is a testimony of God’s faithfulness.

These few words reach through time to take our feeble hands today and to encourage us to trust in him.

  1. God’s Promises are a gift
  • The first statement in the text is that God gave the land to Israel. All Israelites understood that it was God gifting them the land. They did not deserve it but it was a gift of grace.
  • We must also remember that all of God’s Promises are gifts of grace! They are undeserved. We must receive them with humility and thankful hearts.
  • We should also note that they occupied the land through conquest. The promise did not eliminate their responsibility.

2. God’s Promises lead to rest

  • God then gave them rest from war and strife. They were living in the midst of their enemies but God gave them rest.
  • God’s promise is not to eliminate enemies or people who do not like us, but God’s promise is to give us rest in their midst. Psalms 23:5 – “He will prepare a table in the presence of my enemies”

3. God’s Promises are complete

  • The text next reminds us that God fulfilled all the promises He made to Israel.
  • Promises may delay but the faithfulness of God endures forever. We may lack strength

Ill. God is still God

  • the scripture reminds us that He who began a good work in us will bring it to completion.