Get out of your Comfort Zone

  1. We Must Be Reminded that we are in our comfort zone
  • Seven tribes stayed in Shiloh not wanting to venture out to occupy their lands.
  • We do not know their reasons. People get stuck in comfort zones for various reasons. Including fear, laziness, opportunity e.t.c.
  • Joshua reminds them that a God has given them the land, they only need to step out.

2. To Overcome Comfort Zones we need to take small steps

  • They say Rome was not built in a day. To get out of your comfort zone challenge yourself to take small steps.
  • Joshua asked for 3 people per tribe and sent them as spies. It is clear from this that the tribes had not even tried to venture into the land. A step out will strengthen their resolve.

3. Participation is ownership

  • When we are afraid of something we usually send others.
  • The seven tribes were challenged by Joshua to divide the land themselves and bring him the report.
  • They did as Joshua asked and they settled into their inheritance.