A Legacy of Serving God

June 22, 2022
Book: Joshua 24

Determination- the name The Lord God appears 21 times

  • God’s call on our lives unmerited
  • God’s guidance towards His ultimate purpose
  • God’s deliverance from mortal dangers
  • God’s provision of good gifts to us

Decision – the word to serve appears 15 times

  • Worship is inevitable
  • Hypocrisy in serving God is not tolerable
  • The deliberate choice to serve God alone
  • Informed choice


  • They destroyed their idols
  • They made a covenant
  • Joshua wrote this statute in the book of the law
  • Joshua erected a memorial stone for them


  • As long as the elders lived the whole community served God
  • As soon as they died out majority rebelled against God
  • The elders did not teach but only commanded obedience
  • The stories of the word must be known to all generations