A fresh start with God

May 7, 2022
  • God calls us to have faith and extraordinary courage during difficult times.
  • This courage and faith will us to move forward despite our challenges and obstacles.


  • In the chapter we are studying today, God appears to Joshua shortly after the death of Moses. This is at the banks of the mighty Jordan just a heartbeat away from the promised land.
  • The worst news that God is coming to deliver is that Moses- the great leader of Israel is no more!
  • The mantle of leadership now falls on Joshua. This means that Joshua will have to do all battles and face all uncertainties and complain to the people!
  • God reminds Joshua that he must be courageous and full of faith. This is why . . .
  1. Because God has a Plan
  • Though Moses is dead the plan of God does not die with Moses.
  • Joshua will; cross over the mighty Jordan, will lead the conquest of the land fighting all battles and finally he will ensure that all tribes of Israel get their inheritance. All of the three are very tough things, but they are exactly what remains to be done to accomplish God’s 40-year plan.
  • I am sure it was not easy for Joshua to accomplish these three tasks. Or even to think about them! It would take extraordinary faith and courage to take these giant steps.
  • Sometimes we feel overwhelmed by what we ought to do, especially in the face of challenges such as the one we are going through. Let’s know that God still has a plan! A plan to see us go forward and not regress. A plan to help us overcome all obstacles. A plan to help us reach the goals He has for us. It is not time to grow faint or discouraged.

2. Because of God’s Presence

  • in verse 5 God makes the declaration that He will be with Joshua just as He was with Moses.
  • I do not think there is greater wealth in this world than to be in the presence of God.
  • People do all manner of things to invoke the presence of God, but here God declares to Joshua that His presence will be with Joshua.
  • It was C.H. Spurgeon who once proclaimed that “in His presence is fullness of joy, in His absence is the depth of misery!”
  • We may not have much during this period of global panic and pandemics, but let the presence of God be enough for us. The greatest comfort is to know that He is with us in this, He has not abandoned us!

3. Because of God’s Promises

  • God then goes ahead to make a series of promises to Joshua.
  • First is the promise that He will lead them to inherit the land. This was the plan of God from the time He redeemed them from Egypt.
  • Second, was the promise of protection. God declares that no one will stand against Joshua and his army.
  • Third, God will help Joshua settle the people in the promised land.
  • You see the promises of God go hand in hand with the assignment He has for Joshua. For every task, there is a promise.
  • I am always amazed at how many promises that God has made for us as His children. For every assignment, He had a promise.
  • This quote is attributed to Billy Graham, ” God will not lead you where His grace will not sustain you!”

4. Because of God’s Power

  • Several times God introduces conditions to His amazing promises.
  • Joshua is asked to be careful to observe the word of God which is key to his prosperity.
  • Joshua is to first speak the word. He is asked not to let the word of God depart from his mouth. This means his speech should be guided by the word.
  • He is also asked to meditate on the word day and night. This means he shall be a keen student of the word.
  • Third, he is asked to do according to the word. This means he must be a doer of the word not simply reading and forgetting it.
  • After he has done these things, God assures Joshua his ways shall be made prosperous. In other words, the secret to living well is obedience to God’s word.

As we face a fresh start in the middle of a pandemic be assured of God’s Plan, God’s Presence, God’s Promises, and God’s Power!