Understanding Us

We as a ministry in Nakuru we are a mission based church around and beyond us through evangelicalism and counselling. As our tagline suggests we say “Welcome Home”, this will lead you to as why “Home” not any other.

Home is where we are

  1. Welcomed:- Genuine Hospitality
  2. Transformed:- Come expecting to change
  3. Engaged:- We are a body of Christ to do his work
  4. Belong:- We gain identity as one people

Our identity 

We are a Christian community joined together to:-

  1. Engage in God’s work
  2. Participate in Christ’s body
  3. Redeem the image of God in mankind


We commit ourselves to be witness of Christ in a Biblical yet culturally relevant way

Our Mission Strategy:-

Our mission strategy is drawn from the book of Acts 1:8 “…and you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit shall come upon you ¬†and you shall be my witnesses in all of Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the world.”

  1. Mission to Jerusalem:- Constant evangelism in our neighborhood
  2. Mission to Judea/ Samaria:- Mission with our friendly churches and groups
  3. Mission to the Ends of the Earth:- Mission focused to the unreached or partially reached communities

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