February 3rd 2020

Rev. Moses Njenga

Series: When the Roots are Deep

Topic: Beautifully and Wonderfully Made

Text: Genesis 1:26-31

– I am fully convinced that a lot of the chaos related to life today and the desperation of mankind is because we have refused to go back to the designer of life and what he intended for us to be. The simple knowledge of who we are and how we are created to function will change everything we perceive about ourselves.

1. Human Beings were created by God
– The Bible clearly explains that Human beings are not a product of chance or evolutionary process, they were created by God.
@. God Consulted about the creation – God discussed among the Trinity on the creation of man which makes man a very special.
@ God designed man from the ground- the word made means that he was the masterpiece of the greatest designer of all.
@ He breathed into his nostrils and he became alive – shows the source of life. (Breathing into him is an anthropomorphism to depict the action of giving life). Acts 17:28, Luke 3:38).

2. Human Beings were created in God’s Image
@ While the image is representative it is not the actual. This does not mean that the human beings look like God. It means they have traits that show they are from God. E.g our shadow is from us but looks nothing like us!
@ The image of God in human beings places them in very privileged position. They are unlike animals because they have the image of God. Both male and female are made in the image of God. Human beings are made with a special component called the Spirit which is what makes us have the capacity to relate with God and the propensity to worship. It is this aspect that also gives eternal life to all human beings because God intended for human beings to live forever.
@ The Image of God in man is seriously affected by sin such that we no longer gravitate towards God (Ephesians 4:18-19). However through faith in Christ our nature is renewed (2 Peter 1:4)

3. Human Beings were Created to have Dominion
@ God gives the power to the human being to dominate and take charge of all creation. This means he is to conquer and subdue creation to obey his will. (Psalms 8:6-8). This also means that human beings are created to be good stewards of creation. God does not take kindly the abuse of creation by human beings
@ When human beings participated in the fall they lost their privileged position only to regain it through a lot of struggle. We have to toil and break a sweat before the creation obeys us.
@ In Christ we see the renewal of this primal authority as Christ seems to know exactly how animals will behave and where they will be. Through Christ we are also par takers of this primal authority because we are walking in renewed humanity. We should therefore be masters and not servants to creation. This means we should not be addicted to anything because then we are not dominating but being dominated. The completed reign over creation will be restored fully when we reign with Christ. (Hebrews 2:7-8).

4. Human Beings were Created to Fellowship with God.
@ Creation was set forth by God as a platform through which we can seek him and relate with him.
@ Creation should rouse in us the aspect of Worship, meaning that we should be in awe at the God who created all for our enjoyment.
@ We should receive all with thanks giving and acknowledge the creator at all times. Prayer for meals should be a serious matter reminding us of the God who provides.
@ We should remember to bring glory to God in all we do as we are His masterpiece and when He looks at us He should be able to say that all is good.

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