Preacher: Rev. Moses Njenga
Text: Matthew 7:7-12
Title: Why Pray
Sermon Series: I Choose God

*There is an invitation to pray (Verse 7)

  • Three times the Bible invites us to pray
  • Probably in three particular situation
    • Ask – in impossible situation
    • Seek – in lighter situation
    • Knock – where doors have been locked
  • These are commands in the form of invitation

*There is evident of answered prayers (Verse 8)

  • He who asks receives
  • He who seeks finds
  • He who knocks will be opened for

*There is a promise of answered prayers (Verse 9)

  • Comparison between an earthly father and heavenly father
  • The promise here is based on the Character of God as personal
  • The promise is also based on the faithfulness of God

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  • robert wangila

    says on:
    October 4, 2016 at 8:52 pm

    its great to know how precious it is to have our supplications rendered to God

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