Preacher: Mr. Daniel Mwangi
Text: Joshua 5:13-15/ Joshua 6:1-5
Sermon series: Portrait of a caring Savior

1. Submit to God (Joshua 5:13-15)

  • Joshua paid homage to Christ
  • He begged to receive commands and direction from Christ
  • He expressed reverence to Christ

2. Wait for the Lord (Joshua 6:3,5)

  • Wait for the event where only God will do what He ought to do
  • Don’t focus on the wall – focus on God
  • Be disciplined – follow instruction

3. Believe in the Lord (Joshua 6:5)

  • Have faith in God – even if it seems foolish – God knows what He will do
  • Believe in God’s promises, even if the human probability seems impossible to be performed
  • By faith not by force the wall of Jericho fell down.

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