Preacher: Mr. Daniel Mwangi
Text: Psalm 31:1-13
Title: Searching for Shelter
Sermon Series: I Choose God

What do you need when you are tormented by hardships, when circumstances threaten to engulf your life with pain & confusion.

You need a shelter, a listener, someone who understands

But to whom do you turn when there’s no on to tell your troubles? Where do you find encouragement? David knew the secret Psalms 31:1-2

“Refuge” – The Hebrew term speaks of a protective place, a place of safety, security, secrecy

David tells the Lord that He – Jehovah God became His refuge. In Him the trouble man found encouragement.

NOW:- Why do you need a refuge

*Because we are in distress and sorrow accompanies us (Ps 31:9-10a)

  • The heavy weight of sorrow presses down
  • Depression slithers silently through the soul’s back door

*Because we are sinful & guilt accuses us (Psalms 31:10b)

  • Embarrassment set in & we desperately search for a lace to hide

*Because we are surrounded by adversaries and misunderstanding assault us (psalms 31:11-13)

  • Discouraged people don’t need critics they need a refuge
  • A place to hide and heal
  • A willing, caring, available someone
  • A confidant

If you cant find one:

Then you are invited to share David’s shelter

  • The one called:
  • My Strength
  • Mighty Rock
  • Fortress
  • Stronghold
  • High Tower

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  • ruth

    says on:
    October 28, 2016 at 8:40 am

    For sure Daniel you have helped me to find a refuge and to recognize my weakness God bless u am blessed

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