Preacher: Rev. Moses Njenga
Text: Matthew 6:5-15
Title: Meaningful Prayers
Sermon series: I Choose God
  • Jesus taught his disciples on the importance of meaningful prayers
  • The more important aspect here is not to be like the hypocrites

1. How to pray

  • Prayers must start in the private room
  • Prayers is not about the number of words we use
  • Prayer is a silent agreement with God

Seven days without prayers makes one weak

2. What to prayer about

  • Concern for the Kingdom of God
  • Concern for the will of God
  • Petition for our needs not our wants
  • Repentance pegged on forgiving others
  • Concern for Holiness
  • The Kingdom of God

3. Fasting

  • When we fast – meaning we should fast
  • Not for show, and not like a punishment
  • Fasting is humility before God and not a thing of spiritual pride or manipulation

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