Guest Preacher
Rev. Mike Mutua
Lead Pst. LifePoint Mombasa
Founder of LifePoint Ministry Kenya
Text: Psalms 63:1-11
We keep a Right Perspective in Hard Times by Refreshing our memory about 3 realities

1. About our relationship with God [1-4]

  • He still loves us

2. About God’s Past victories for us [5-8]

  • He has won all past battles

3. About our enemies’ destiny [9-11]

  • They are going down
  • I will have the last laugh
  • Reflection
  • Right Perspective Affirmations

Reflection Points

1. The God of the universe Loves me – He is my God

  • God loves you unconditionally
  • God has never lost a battle
  • The cross settled it

2. My enemies are my mission-field

  • JESUS and NT – pray for them, do good to them
Keep the right perspective even/especially, in hard times

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  • mike mutua

    says on:
    August 13, 2016 at 5:02 am

    Thank you for availing this outline online on your web. Just a small correction/clarification; Point 4 and 5 are reflection/application points. So you can put a subtitle; Reflection Points or Application after point 3. the sermon had 3 points and 2 application/reflection points. Thank you. I Love your Team
    Rev. Mike

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