Preacher: Rev. Moses Njenga
Text: Exodus 17:8-16
Title: Jehovah Nissi – The Lord our Banner
Sermon series: I Choose God

The Israelite’s face their first war since leaving Egypt. They have faced other obstacles such as hunger, thirst and fatigue.

  • But now an enemy has come suddenly without warning. No doubt they were stranded.
  • With God’s help they employ a three prong strategy which I propose to be our formula for saying Jehovah Nissi

1. We shall do our part

  • Moses decides that they will do there part and he appointed Joshua as general
  • Joshua doesn’t argue or complain, he takes up the charge and lead the men to war
  • They have no time to train but they will fight. The men appointed for the fighting went out and did there job
  • No obstacle is greater for these men of faith
  • Our part is our part and no one else can play that part like we can

2. We will pray

  • Moses takes up his position on the top of the hill to intercede
  • Though prayers not mentioned in this package it is clear that was the role of Moses
  • He took with him the rod of God. The symbol of God’s presence with them
  • He interceded for long – the whole day! This was tedious, but Moses was determined to pray for Joshua. He provided cover though he was not physically in the war with Joshua
  • We need cover, prayer helps us do more than we would otherwise
  • In prayers we admit that only God can help us.

3. We need partnership

  • Moses took two men with him to the hill
  1. Aaron – his brother we know
  2. Hur – we do not see his mention anywhere else   but history records that he was probably   Miriam’s husband
  • When Moses’s arms grew weak Joshua would be defeated
  • These men looked for stones for Moses to sit on
  • They then held his hands up so that Joshua will continue to win
  • What a demonstration of partnership – we need people to help us do what we cannot do alone

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