Preacher: Rev. Dr. Eunice Njenga
Text: Genesis 39:7-22
Title: Integrity – Who are you when no one is watching
Sermon series: I Choose God
  • It has been said that character is who you are when nobody else is watching. Who you are is driven by the fuel you choose to run on
  • Who you are is impacted by the choices you make
  • Driven to slavery by his own brothers (Verse 1-6)
  • Deal with the incessant heat and humidity of a woman (Verse 6-12)
  • Dropped into the hot oil of false accusation and prison (Verse 14-23)
  • It was after Joseph rise to power and position that the physical attractiveness of Joseph registered with Potiphar’s wife. There is little chance that she would have had any interest in a mere slave.

1. When confronted with the temptation to sin with Potiphar’s wife

  1. The abuse of trust
  2. An offense against her husband
  3. A sin against God

This is what it means to be above reproach.

Joseph is concerned with his integrity, the institution of marriage and his fellowship with God.

  • Our sin is never private
  • Every time we sin we sin against God
  • Our Sin is always against God alone (Ps 51:4)

Temptation comes to us

  • When it is least convenient
  • Comes back again and again
  • It keeps pushing even after you say “NO
  • It makes what it is selling sound great but there is always a catch – after resisting countless advances Joseph may been unprepared for what would follow but he made a decision to run

2. Integrity demands we chose to walk with the Lord

  • Joseph knew deep in his heart that sleeping with Potiphar’s wife was a sin to God
  • Although Joseph was in a foreign land among people who did not know God he chose to do the things that would please his God
  • Joseph had be sold by his brother and now was a slave at Potiphar’s house in his difficult situation he choose to stand with God
  • The Lord was with Joseph in Potiphar’s house and even in jail

In life there will be many temptation:-

  • Receiving money to execute a crime
  • Taking someone’s money/ stealing
  • Adultery/ fornication
  • Finding yourself far from people who know you, will you start drinking
  • Who are you when no one is watching
  • Our fear of God should guide us not  to get into sin

Joseph honoured the Lord and worked hard at what was assigned to him. He served Potiphar with integrity and industry and when opportunity came he would talk to Potiphar about Jehovah God

God is omniscient which is a big way of saying He knows everything

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