Preacher: Rev. Moses Njenga
Text: Matthew 6:1-4
Title: “If you’ve got it, flaunt it!” If you have it show it
Sermon series: I Choose God

It’s common for Christians to brag about how much they, how much they pray, how much they serve and how spiritual they are.

The Bible is clear that we must seek to impress God alone

This requires a motives check-up. After all, motives matter when it comes to being approved and rewarded by God

  1. Being right without the spotlight
  • Jesus beings in 6:1 with a principle that summarizes 6:1-18. Jesus says “Beware of practicing the righteousness before men.:”
  • Here, Jesus doesn’t say that you can not be impressive because in other places He commands us to be salt and light of the world
  • Jesus primary concerns is motives. God looks at the heart before the hands
  1. Give without fanfare
  • Jesus does not say “if” but “when” you give. Giving is not an option
  • He address the question of why we give again dealing with motives
  • Do not let your right hand know what your left hand is doing, giving is a secret
  1. Get your full reward
  • But there’s plenty wrong with giving money to impress people. If you do, is like selling you product to a broker rather than the cereal board.
  • You get quick money, but not nearly what you would if you waited

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