Preacher: Pst. Kennedy Ole Kimiti
Text: Romans 2:5-16
Title: Consistently teach the word of God
Sermon Series: What brings life to a Church


God is impartial in His judgment. He does not judge us merely by the way we talk, walk or dress but rather God judges us by whether or not we obey His will. ( V 5-6)

No group of people is favoured over the other in Gods eye. The Jewish people during Paul’s time believed that God granted them special privileges purely because of there lineage. (V 9-10)

God make the same offer to all people.

Confession of our sins and seeking God’s forgiveness makes us became His chosen people. (V. 6-7)

No church will truly enter the light of Christ unless it is well taught. Careful teaching from the pulpit, all Sundays school, Bible studies etc.. Is a must

  • A healthy church must be consistently taught the word of God and Bible centered
  • The danger today is to teach, need centered doctrines, these are teachings and preaching’s that answers to human needs of the people , “How to” teach, “How to prosper” and the list is endless. (V. 8-9)
  • The congregation must be taught Biblical principles, then they may apply these principles to the human needs in to their lives. (V. 7, 10, 11)
  • People must be taught obedience to the word of God by teaching them the word of God and show them the way to apply it in their lives and obedient towards its principles. (V. 12-13)
  • Every healthy, life-giving church teaches its people to put the word of God into practice. (V. 14-16)

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