Preacher: Rev. Moses Njenga
Lead Pst .LifePoint Chapel Nakuru
Text: Matthew 7:13 - 23
Title: A tree by it's Fruits
Sermon series: I Choose God


“…..I chose God…..”

Morality is a thing that many people discuss in low tones

It has become a trend for people to know Christ but few know what becoming a Christian entails

There are many grey areas in life these present choices to be made

1. Moral choices are difficult

≈Choice of the narrow gate verse the wide gate

≈Many have chosen the wide gate

≈The narrow gate is hard but it leads to life

2. There are misleading teachings

≈There are false prophets among us

≈They camouflage as sheep but they are wolves

≈You can recognize them by their fruits – good trees produce good fruits

≈Their fruits will be based of their judgment

3. Not everyone who says Lord Lord!

≈Christianity is not a matter of words but true choices

≈Christianity is not about service but true choices

≈Christianity is about relationships – a good relationship with Chris produces good choices, we must ask, “what is the mind of God in all theses

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