Band focus

Psalm 100:2
Worship the Lord with gladness; come before him with joyful songs.(NIV)


We give thanks to the Almighty God for the blessing of new musical instruments as we look forward in having a band, the dedication was done on 06th November 2016 for the new addition of a drum-set, digital keyboard, bass guitar and outdoor event skeaker.


This was possible through DIGUNA Mission, Nairobi and our close friend Dr. Karanja of Home Care international for the generous donation towards LifePoint Chapel Nakuru



Understanding Us

We as a ministry in Nakuru we are a mission based church around and beyond us through evangelicalism and counselling. As our tagline suggests we say “Welcome Home”, this will lead you to as why “Home” not any other.

Home is where we are

  1. Welcomed:- Genuine Hospitality
  2. Transformed:- Come expecting to change
  3. Engaged:- We are a body of Christ to do his work
  4. Belong:- We gain identity as one people

Our identity 

We are a Christian community joined together to:-

  1. Engage in God’s work
  2. Participate in Christ’s body
  3. Redeem the image of God in mankind


We commit ourselves to be witness of Christ in a Biblical yet culturally relevant way

Our Mission Strategy:-

Our mission strategy is drawn from the book of Acts 1:8 “…and you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit shall come upon you  and you shall be my witnesses in all of Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the world.”

  1. Mission to Jerusalem:- Constant evangelism in our neighborhood
  2. Mission to Judea/ Samaria:- Mission with our friendly churches and groups
  3. Mission to the Ends of the Earth:- Mission focused to the unreached or partially reached communities

Expanding our church

In the pass one year and two months now we have seen the hand of the Almighty God in our ministry LifePoint Chapel Nakuru, when it was initiated for the first Sunday service “05th July 2015” the total member of those who attended was roughly 37 this is both adult who were 22 and children who were 15.

One year later of grace and faith we have moved beyond our expectation, to a congregation of now two hundred members, this was done our Mission Strategy which is in three: –

  • Mission to Jerusalem : Constant evangelism in our neighborhood
  • Mission to Judea/ Samaria : Mission with our friendly Churches and groups
  • Mission to the ends of the earth : Mission to Unreached/Partially Reached communities.

To this we say glory to God towards His faithfuls and to you dear friend for always being there for us through prayers and support to our Ministry. This has been made possible by your generous contributions towards this worthy cause. May the Lord bless you.

We will keep you up to date with the latest as we continue supporting the ministry.

Grand opening of our Church

It was a joyous moment to Dedicate LifePoint Chaple Nakuru to the Glory and Honor to the Lord. The event took place outside the main sanctuary led by Rev. Mike Mutua Lead Pst. LifePoint Mombasa & founder of LifePoint Ministry Kenya.

We officially launched the first ministry in Nakuru and through that came the ordination of Rev. Moses Njenga as the Lead Pastor and Rev. Dr. Eunice Njenga as the Associate Pastor.

We largely appreciate your continued support and prayers. as we welcome you home, a place to belong.

Children Program

We make our younger generation grow to the ways of the Lord. Rev. Dr. Eunice Njenga has made it possible by taking the role to mentor the young. The young ones are the future Ministers of in the ministry. Let your child come and be part of us.