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LifePoint Structure

  1. At the Local Church

Inspired by a one word philosophy: S.I.M.P.L.E


As simple as the New Testament structure; – basically a pastor(s) & ministry team leaders


Pastor(s)              Team Leaders              Congregation


Inspiring ministry

A model that inspires and fires-up people to serve God with undying passion Structures are set up to facilitate for efficient service and put down when they outlive their purpose.

Modest in context

No one structure fits all contexts. We express our ministry and service in ways that enhance our mission within our context of ministry e.g. titles and branding of ministry groups

People oriented

The needs and gifts of the people inform our structure and organization. The purpose of the structure is to reach people and help them grow in faith and service. People first!


Lead by a Pastor

LifePoint congregations are founded and lead by a pastor as the vision bearer. The Pastor is the final voice on ministry matters in that congregation. He is expected to set up a ministry team to help him serve and lead the church


Elastic in Dynamics

Expands with the ministry needs and adjusts to encompass more ministry as the spirit leads rather than containing the ministry within a rigid and limiting structure. LifePoint is a Fluid Church in structure

Why this Model

  • It is the New testament Model
    • Acts 2:42 – 26 – Apostles and congregation only
    • Acts 6:1-6 – deacons added – specific need and for efficiency in the ministry
    • 1Tim 3, Titus 1:5-9 – Only pastors and deacons
    • 1 Cor.1:11-13 – Multiplicity of leaders caused (partially) divisions in the church
  • It is efficient and effective for Discipleship
    • The main mission for the church is discipleship; The simpler the ministry team the better the focus on that mission rather than on staff management
    • In the ministry there is no distinction between administration and ministry – all is ministry, serving the same purpose
  • Reduces Maintenance and Increases Ministry
    • Maintenance has to do with keeping structures running.
    • The reason for the structure is to provide order for the ministry to run efficiently.
    • The focus should be the ministry, and most resources should be geared towards doing the ministry not maintaining structures.


  1. Beyond the Local Church
  2. The National Ministry Council composed of the Trustees and The Lead Pastors from all the LP congregations.
  3. They are expected to hold the AGM – as required by the Law The Pastors hold an annual two-day national Pastors’ conference for re-union and refresher fellowship
  4. Our fiscal year begins on April 1st

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